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Benefits Achieved by Mowing of the Field

Most of the farmers who have commercialized the keeping of animals and the growing of crops have a large piece of land. The land can either be having no idea of how to develop their land or waiting for the value to appreciate hence the land is left lying idle. When the land sits empty weed tend to grow and if not taken care of the place may turn ugly; also a place that is un kept and the weed are grown so long turns to breeding ground of various small animals and insects and the fields like those one need mowing. The following article tends to address the advantages of field mowing.

The local authority has the laws that ensure that the idle land around the municipal center have been taken care of. As earlier said the idle field tend to grow various types of weeds and bush and if not taken of they may grow tall beyond the sizes that the local authorities have accepted. The long grass and bushes are a good bleeding site for insects and small animals like the rats and mice also when a place has overgrown grass and shrubs it tend to look dangerous because some can hind inside the grass and shrubs. When the owner of the land mows it regularly they will be acting as per the local authority’s regulation.

When selling a piece of land the landowner enjoys when the land gets a buyer soon as a possible but unkept piece of land cannot attract buyer easily. The first thing that the landowner need to take is to mow the land before announcing that they are selling it. A land that has not been mowed and has long grass and bushes will not attract a buyer and also the cost of buying the land will be affected by the state the land is in.

The weeds are the enemies to the farmers and by mowing of the farm before the farmer plant their plants enable them to remove the weeds. When the land has weeds, the crops do not get all the nutrients that are supposed to get because they share with the weeds and this affects the productivity of the crops. The rate at which the weed growth is more than the crops, and at a point the will cover the crop and prevent it from accessing the sunlight.

Field mowing also reduces the fire accidents, during the dry seasons the overgrown grass and bushes tend to dry up. Once the dry leaves catch fire, it spread fast and cause a lot of damage. The damage that comes with the fire can be prevented by ensuring that the vegetation is kept low by field mowing.

In conclusion, the advantages of field mowing are several, but only a few have been highlighted in the article.

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